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How to Position Your Brand in 2024

I don’t want to alarm you, but there is only 46 days left in 2023.

Which means if you haven’t already started putting together your marketing strategy for 2024 (and a solid plan to boot), you might be trailing behind.

But fear not, because in the world of marketing, being fashionably late can sometimes work to your advantage.  

Firstly, let’s hit the pause button for a moment. Before you go diving headfirst into the marketing strategy pool, it’s crucial to ensure your brand is not just dipping its toes, but is ready to make a splash in the market. This way, your marketing efforts won’t just be running the bases, but consistently knocking it out of the park for those grand-slam moments.

“Positioning is finding the right parking space inside the consumer’s mind and going for it before someone else takes it.”

To help get you finding that parking space in the best possible position in the lot…

1. Scrutinise your current brand position

First things first: where does your brand currently stand? 

Conducting a thorough brand audit is like looking in the mirror before a night out and asking yourself, am I dressed to impress, or is this outfit totally 2015? Chances are you fashion style has changed over the years as you get older – and like your fashion style, your brand needs to grow and evolve as your business does. Have a look at your brand’s image, messaging, standing in the market, and client perception and make sure it’s not just where it should be, but where you WANT it to be. 

This is not a call out to go full rebrand and completely overhaul everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. But the opportunity to refine, optimise and ensure that your brand is growing with your business.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are we still aligned with our purpose and values? Have they evolved?
  • Does your current branding accurately reflect these values and identity?
  • How is your brand perceive internally (with staff and stakeholders) and externally (clients and the public)?
  • Has your unique value proposition (UVP) changed / evolved over time? If so, is this clear in your current marketing?
  • How consistent is the client experience with your brand?
While these questions are just the tip of the iceberg, they are a good place to start to give you an understanding of your brand’s current position, and help you identify areas that require attention or adjustment to ensure your brand thrives in 2024. 
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Just as YOUR business is evolving, growing and navigating the ever-changing shifts, patterns and challenges… so are your clients and customers. 

As a result, the target market that you originally identified for your brand at its launch, or even 2-3 years ago, may now have different needs, interests and challenges. Understanding these dynamic changes is crucial. This means keeping a pulse on evolving demographics, preferences, and behaviours and being attuned to the current factors that motivate and influence your audience. Ensure that your brand’s message is not only heard but also persuasively impacts decision-makers, guiding them confidently towards a favourable outcome.

A couple of things to think about:

  • Has there been a shift in your market’s demographics, preferences, behaviours?
  • Is your brand attune to the changing / evolving challenges your market faces in the current climate? 
  • Are you listening to feedback from clients (and the market in general) to improve your offering and brand position?
  • What can you learn from competitor’s successes and failures in adapting to market changes?

3. Enhancing your Content Strategy

Your content needs to do more than just show up; it should arrive, make itself at home, and start conversations. 

It’s not only about informing and engaging but also about embodying your brand’s voice and ethos like a charismatic ambassador. The mission? To weave a narrative as unique as your brand’s DNA, striking the perfect balance between educating, entertaining, and maybe even making your audience’s day. It’s less about making a cameo and more about becoming the talk of the town – in the most memorable and value-packed way, of course.

To achieve this, it’s crucial to understand the nuances of your audience’s preferences and behaviours. Content that hits the mark is content that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your audience. This means going beyond generic messages to create personalised, engaging, and emotionally resonant content. Remember, in the vast ocean of online content, it’s the pieces that stir emotions and provoke thought that make waves and leave lasting impressions.

A few points to consider next time you’re creating content:

  • Are you talking at your audience, or creating a conversation in which they want to engage?
  • Are you tapping into the emotions and interests of your target audience? 
  • Have a look through your current content and see what works and what falls flat and focus more on what your audience is responding too.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll be surprised the content that lands sometimes.

4. Embrace Being a Conscious Brand

It’s one thing to be a conscious brand, but actually telling the world of your purpose and commitment… that’s another.

In 2024, being a conscious brand is not just something nice to have; it’s necessary. Today’s consumer are not just buying a product or service; they’re investing in what your brand represents. It’s no longer enough to just be market-savvy and reasonably priced – sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility are the beats to which consumers are swaying. Embracing these principles can transform your brand from a mere participant in the market to a leader with a cause, and an employer of choice that will have people fighting to work with you.

Think about…

  • In what way can you integrate your brand values more deeply into your business model and operations?

  • Are there strategic partnerships or collaborations that could enhance your standing as a conscious brand?

  • Is your marketing messaging aligned with your actions and commitments?

  • How are you communicating your purpose and commitments internally (to staff and stakeholders) and externally (to the market and potential employees

Want to know more on becoming a conscious brand, and why it’s the future for success in business? Check out the article I wrote for Business Business Business earlier this year here. 


Refining and optimising your brand now is a crucial step towards ensuring your marketing efforts contribute significantly to your business’s growth and success in 2024. By taking the time to align your brand with your core values, aspirations and target market, you lay a solid foundation for all future marketing strategies and ensures that every brand touchpoint resonates deeply with your evolving audience. This strategic refinement positions your brand not only to meet the imminent challenges but to thrive, establishing a strong foothold in the market and forging a path of sustainable success.

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