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marketing mentoring with Jodi Duncan

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“Two heads are definitely better than one and by sourcing ideas from each other, you have a better chance of coming up with a strategy which will allow your business to overcome a setback or challenge.”

– Richard Branson

who is mentoring for?

You’re in your first few years of business or marketing career and you’re ready to elevate your marketing knowledge and experience, be confident in your marketing efforts, and slay the world of business.

If this is you, we’re so excited to have the opportunity to work 1:1 with you to build your knowledge in the marketing arena whilst having a front row seat to watching your confidence soar. We’re so damn proud that you’ve even made it this far, we can’t wait to see you thrive when you have some tools under your belt and nudged in the right direction.

what to expect

say au voir to overwhelm

Get educational and developmental advice and guidance from a Marketing professional with over 16 years’ experience; to give you the confidence to tackle your own marketing and equip you with the tools and knowledge to execute without hesitation. Say au voir to headaches and ongoing agency costs,
and aloha to confidently DIY.

failing to plan is planning to fail

No one wants to fail and we’ll do our best to stop that from happening by developing and implementing a holistic marketing strategy together. In your first session, we’ll work with you to develop your plan, and execute it over the course of your program. We want you to have confidence that everything you’re doing while wearing your marketing hat is with purpose, on purpose.

passion, skill, knowledge

Our mentoring programs are designed for savvy small business owners and early stage marketers who are ready to glow up their marketing game. We help guide you through the eccentric web of marketing to help you understand what it means, why it’s important to your business and how to execute with purpose. We’ll bring our skills and knowledge, you bring your drive and passion.

commitment is key

Our programs are not designed for overnight success (sorry, not sorry). If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, you won’t find it here. Marketing is a long game that takes hard work, persistence, and commitment and if you’re not ready to put in the hard yards, you’re not going to get the full potential our programs have to offer.

are you ready to change your business for good?

If you’ve ever wanted a trusted marketing partner who not only shares your dreams but also knows how to turn them into reality, your search ends here. 

We’re here to champion your success, by working hand-in-hand with you to provide theory and practical know how while supporting your most ambitious ideas (in fact, we’ll probably come up with a few crazy ones of our own), create consistency, refine your strategic offering, develop magnetic messaging, understand the world of neuromarketing, build a plan for world domination, identify your strengths, grow your confidence, and broaden your marketing skills for ongoing success.

With our +18 years’ experience in the marketing game, backed by psychological and behavioural principles, we’ll give you the confidence, and insight you need to soar.

Fletch & Co. marketing mentoring

how it works

month one

During our first month together we will get clear on your brand and marketing foundations, business goals and direction you want to take the business to make sure that everything is aligning. We’ll also undertake a brand audit to ensure you’re giving your brand the utmost potential it deserves and report back on where you can improve.


Once we’re clear on what we’re working with, we’ll sit down and develop a 90-day multi channel marketing strategy with you to implement over the course of your program with us. Each session we’ll revisit this plan, provide live feedback,  brainstorm new ideas, and provide coaching on your marketing activities. We’ll also regularly check in to make sure you’re staying on top of everything… because accountability.

end of month four

At the end of four months together, you can extend your mentoring sessions either month-to-month or quarterly to help support you with your marketing efforts. Our services aren’t designed to be a forever thing (we wouldn’t be doing our job very well if we expected you to work with us for that long). We want to work with you until you feel confident enough to spread your wings and soar like the marketing legend we know you can be.

what our clients are saying

Marketing mentoring for busy business owners

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some frequently asked questions you might have.

Do what you always do, be the amazing superstar that you are, but now with a trusty sidekick to help nudge you along the way.

This program is designed to guide you through the overwhelming maze that is marketing and provide you with as much of the marketing knowledge and tools I’ve gained over our many years in the industry.

I don’t do the work for you because you won’t learn that way. I work alongside you to point you in the right direction and provide you with all of my knowledge and experience, and all the tools and resources you need to nail your marketing. 

When signing up to the program you need to be committed to following through as you only get out what you put in, and need to trust the process. This isn’t an ‘overnight success’ kind of deal #sorrynotsorry.

I love this question. I’m a marketing specialist who has played the game for over 17 years. I’ve worked in various marketing departments across an array of industries and played active roles across much of the marketing mix… so I like to think I know a thing of two when it comes to the world of marketing. 

I started my career in marketing before the age of social media and the world of digital took off, so I confidently bring a mix of traditional and modern marketing methods to the table, to ensure impact and success.

My specialty lies in helping businesses develop marketing strategies that are concreted with science and evidence (yup! there is a science to marketing). What this looks like is helping you understand how consumers think, act, buy, behave and what triggers their buying decisions. Armed with this level of knowledge, and learning how to strategically implement these principles into marketing practices… this is where the magic happens. 

I am extremely passionate about educating, both for myself others. Not only am I constantly researching and learning, I still also practice as a marketing consultant, so am still on the ground doing the work and keeping my finger on the pulse… meaning you benefit from others other clients I work with.  

MONTH ONE: During our first month together we will gain clarity on your business’ goals, strategic offering and magnetic messaging to ensure everything is in alignment and you’re putting your best foot forward for sustainable growth; as well as putting together a 90-day marketing plan. From the date of your first session, you will also get access to our Marketing Hub, with educational resources, templates, videos, email scripts, links to relevant articles etc to help you with your marketing. 

MONTH TWO – FOUR: With your strategic offering, messaging and plan in place, each month we’ll check in with your marketing plan to ensure you’re on track and help you to develop a marketing engine and sales pipeline. Then each of your sessions are customised to suit your needs, whether that’s brainstorming and strategising new ideas, guidance and advice on opportunities or mapping out campaigns – we’ll meet you where your business is at. And don’t forget to send to take full advantage of your on-demand access and live feedback between each session.

END OF MONTH FOUR:  At the end of four months together, you can extend your mentoring sessions either month-to-month or quarterly (at a discounted rate) to help support you with your marketing efforts and ensure that your sales pipeline is always full. Our services aren’t designed to be a forever thing (we wouldn’t be doing our job very well if we expected you to work with us for that long). We want to work with you until you feel confident enough to spread your wings and soar like the marketing legend we know you can be.

If you’re in your first few years of business, or your marketing career, and are ready to level up your marketing game and fast track your success, than absolutely this is for you.

If you’re sitting on the fence about it, book in a free 20-min no-strings attached chat and I’m happy to answer any question you have.

P.S I will be 100% upfront and honest with you and let you know if you’re either not quite at the point where you’re ready for mentoring or if we’re not the right fit. Rest assured, if we don’t fit as a dynamic duo, I can put you in touch with someone who is and will be in a better position to serve you based on where you’re at in business and your goals.

There’s nothing to it really.

1. Fill out your application HERE and send it through. 

2. Once I receive your application, I’ll send through an invite for a quick chat to get a better understanding of you, your goals and your business, and just a chat to get to know each other. 

3. From there we’ll get all of the “business stuff” (contracts, invoice etc) squared away so we can focus on the good stuff.

4. Then you’ll receive an email from me with a link to book in your first session and then it’s GO TIME where we make the magic happen.

Four months is the minimum amount of time that we see momentum starting to build and enough time for business owners to start to get in the groove and starting to feeling confident and feeling more positive with their relationship with marketing.

Some of my mentoring clients have been with me for 9+ months, because they see the progress their making and want to continue that to keep their marketing game at the forefront.

At the end of our four months together you have the option to extend your mentoring on either a month-to-month or quarterly basis. This means you can continue to get the support you need for as long as you need, with no ongoing lock in contracts.

Marketing mentoring Australia

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Still have questions about our 1:1 mentoring? No problem. Book in a free no-strings chat to see if we are the right fit for you.