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I’m Jodi, it’s so nice to meet you

Fractional CMO service & marketing strategy expert, who'll give you a masterclass in brand brilliance

I’m the Owner, Head Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Consultant here at Fletch & Co. I’ve spent over 18 years crafting and perfecting the art of marketing strategy and the inner most workings of how consumers think, behave and act so I can pass my knowledge and experience to our clients.

I love what I do and I’m damn good at it. So, when you’re ready to take this marketing ‘thing’ to the next level, Fletch & Co. has got your back.

The Fletch & Co. Story

With 18+ years of B2B workshop strategy & marketing mentoring - it's our thing

Forged in the depths of Brisbane’s colourful streets, Fletch & Co. was born to bring the fun side of marketing to life. Initially built as a creative agency, we soon saw the need for something more – a twinkle of hope for business owners who wanted to see more, do more and understand more. From there, a marketing mentor and new consultancy was born.

Unlike a lot of marketing “gurus” out there, we’ve spent almost two decades perfecting what we preach. We know the talk, we created the walk and we aren’t afraid to think big and do bigger. At Fletch & Co. no-one puts baby in our corner.

Our motto is all about marketing with purpose, on purpose. Harnessing the power of collective wisdom across our 18 years’ experience, we bring a colourful and bold approach to the corporate world, fuelled by a mix of traditional and modern marketing tools, industry insight and buyer psychology-driven methods. With the addition of our Fractional CMO services, we empower businesses to achieve their marketing goals with strategic precision and creative flair.

What we stand for


Work together with ambition and humility, for a greater purpose.


Never settle; challenge what’s possible.


Leverage collective genius.

Champion Difference.

Differences strengthen the team, and combining experiences and expertise makes for better problem solvers


Doing good, for good – with kindness, grace and empathy.

Marketing tips and tricks

Use buyer psychology & marketing strategies to outshine your competitors

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Building brand loyalty with emotional marketing

Understanding that people first make decisions based on emotions—and then justify those decisions with logic—can be a game-changer for your marketing strategies. 

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why do consumers buy?

8 Types of Buying Behaviour

Why do people buy? When it comes to consumer behaviour, it’s not just about what people are buying, but also why and how they decide to make a purchase.

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How to psychology in marketing to sell more

How to Use Marketing Psychology to Sell MORE

Using psychology in marketing is crucial to tap into the fundamental drivers of human behaviour, by using both the conscious and subconscious mind to dig into…

Business without marketing is like winking in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but no-one else does.

Why we are the rock stars of marketing

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Marketing resources to help you get ahead.

Our FREE Consumer Behaviour Playbook provides you with nine principles of Behavioural Science you can leverage today for marketing success. Armed with this knowledge, you can design strategies that tap into the underlying motivations and preferences of your target audience, enabling you to create more effective campaigns, optimise user experiences, and ultimately influence and drive buying behaviour.

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