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VIP Marketing Day

A B2B marketing strategy session could be a game-changer for your business!

You. Me. A cup of tea and a whole day of my undivided attention to strategise, co-create, and do all things marketing so you can build sustainable growth… faster.

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let’s do it!

Brisbane Marketing

Need help marketing your service based business?

Imagine if you...

Flashing Sentences

had complete clarity and focus for marketing your business.

had a sure-fire, actionable plan to propel you in the right direction.

could learn from a marketing expert.

and it could be done in just ONE day.

Our VIP Days are designed for service providing businesses who want a customised, and unique, approach to your marketing that you can hit the ground running with… tomorrow. As the sun sets on our day together, you’ll have a blueprint to propel you forward and the confidence to execute with precision. 

No more waiting. No more doubt. No more second-guessing yourself. 

Jodi Lee Duncan from Fletch & Co. Marketing VIP days

B2B marketing strategy day

You'll get a scientifically backed marketing strategy + expert brand consulting

Is your business not growing as quickly as you’d like?
Do you want to build sustainable growth?
Feeling uncertain about how to market your business with purpose?
Are you ready to take action… yesterday?

Work on your business instead of in your business with a dedicated day that sets you up for sustainable growth and commercial success.

Together we’ll get super clear on your service offering, and build, and fuel, you a marketing engine and sales pipeline with actionable steps in 7-hours – using our tried and proven marketing framework that is backed by psychology and behavioural insights.

Your VIP marketing day snapshot

VIP marketing day investment

4 payments of $1,510

*limited spots available per month. 

What will your business look like in 3, 6 or 12 months if you DON'T take action today?

Could it cost you more? Will you be in the same position?

Working with Jodi was a great experience, she really is an expert in her industry.

Jodi really knows her stuff!

But wait...
There's more.

Because you’re a VIP, you deserve VIP things – two things in fact. 


At the end of the day, you’ll receive a video (and audio) copy of your VIP day so you can go back and listen as many times as you like. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.


To keep you accountable, and help you access ongoing support, you’ll receive 15% off our Happy Hour Sessions for an entire 12 months. 

Your questions answered.

We fuel purpose-driven brands with B2B marketing strategies

A VIP day will only work if you have:

  • clear understanding of who your target audience is
  • clearly defined goals and objectives
  • you know your marketing budget (roughly)

Via Zoom.

If you’re in Brisbane, we can organise to have our VIP day in person, if that is a preference. It will just mean that your session is not be recorded.


Absolutely! Thanks to the beauty of technology, you can be anywhere in the world as our sessions are held via Zoom.

Note that my availability is in AEST, so you’ll need to translate the time difference to where you are.

The VIP days are designed for service providers only..

You’ll be given a unique code after our VIP day, that you can use to book in your Happy Hour Session.

Simply check out my calendar, book in at a time that suits you and use the code at checkout.

Once you’ve applied for your VIP day, we’ll have a 30-40 minute chat on the phone which will give us an idea of where you’re at. 

If we think you’re a fit for a VIP day, we’ll get you set up and send you out a questionnaire to give us more insight to you and your business.

The information that you include here will help us shape your day as we’ll do all the research and a heap of work leading up to your day… so we can hit the ground running and not waste a precious second of our 7-hours together. 

All you need to bring is your ideas, your passion and a “lets do this” attitude.

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