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What are your brand colours saying about your business?

Did you know that colours are more than just… colours?

In the world of branding, every element holds significance, and one of the most powerful visual cues is colour. The colours you choose for your brand not only shape its visual identity but also convey subtle messages about your business. From evoking emotions to conveying values, to showing the personality of your business, your brand colours have the potential to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Think about some of the biggest, most successful brands out there. You could probably identify them based soley on their colour. See if you can pick these ones… 

Microsoft (although could be mistaken for Google or ebay as these brands share VERY similar colour palettes)

How well did you do?

Buckle up as we explore how these vibrant hues magically convey messages about your business. From electrifying emotions to dropping visual truth bombs, your brand colours are the ultimate secret agents of perception. So, let’s dive in and decode the fascinating language that is colour.

RED: The Hot Tamale of Colours

Red is often referred to as the most intense colour. With it bold intensity and attention-grabbing nature, it’s known to provoke the strongest emotions. Red is often used by businesses in industries such as food, entertainment, and technology to convey a sense of dynamism and evoke strong emotions.

Emotions: action, power, strength, passion, danger, energy, confidence, warmth.

BLUE: The Reliable Sidekick

Blue is the most commonly used colour in any logo. This is likely due to it’s association with trust and dependability. It also exudes a sense of calmness and reliability, making it a popular choice for brands in finance, technology, and healthcare sectors.

Emotions: security, loyalty, innovation, trust, stability, peacefulness, wisdom, conservative, reliable.

GREEN: Nature's Selfie Filter

Green is considered to be the easiest colour for human vision. It is commonly associated with eco-friendly and sustainable brands, as well as those in the health and wellness industries.

Emotions: prosperity, harmony, vitality, balance, fresh, wealth, prosperity, kindness, joy.

Collection of Green logos included Spotify, Starbucks, Sprite, BP, Woolworths, Land Rover, Australian Made, hulu, Heineken, Xbox
YELLOW: Sunshine in a Bottle

It is commonly associated with industries such as entertainment, lifestyle, and childcare. Yellow can evoke feelings of joy and stimulate enthusiasm, making it effective for attracting attention.

Emotions: energy, playfulness, warmth, positivity, happiness, optimism, creativity, friendliness

Collection of yellow logos including Commonwealth Bank, McDonalds, Hertz, Camp Quality, Ferrari, Snapchat, Cancer Council Chupa Chup, Bumble
ORANGE: The Zesty Flavour Explosion

Hold onto your taste buds because orange is the citrusy burst your brand needs! Picture a juicy orange slice on a hot summer day—it’s all about vibrancy and zest. Orange is the perfect choice for brands that want to grab attention and inject a dose of excitement into the mix. 

Emotions: enthusiasm, vitality, adventure, excitement, creativity, confidence, optimism, friendliness.

Orange logos including Orange Sky, ABC Radio, Etsy, Nickelodeon, Fanta, orange, Reece's and TNT
PINK: The Playful Symphony of Sweetness

Like a cotton candy sky or a bouquet of blossoming flowers, pink is the color that whispers tales of joy, romance, and youthful exuberance. It’s the hue that creates a playful symphony, resonating with a sense of fun, creativity, and feminine allure. Brands that embrace pink dive into a world of imagination, capturing hearts with its enchanting spell.

Emotions: joy, romance, youthfulness, excitement, optimism, health, connection, playfulness, happiness.

Pink logos included Dunkin Donuts, Barbie, Lyft, Dribble, Baskin Robbins, T Mobile, Priceline and Adobe Indesign
BROWN: The Earthy Symphony of Warmth

Prepare to immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of brown, where warmth and natural beauty intertwine! Like the rich soil beneath your feet or the inviting embrace of a cozy fireplace, brown represents a connection to the earth and a sense of grounded authenticity. It’s the color that whispers tales of reliability, stability, and timeless elegance. Brands that embrace brown create a symphony of warmth, inviting their audience to experience a genuine and down-to-earth connection

Emotions: reliable, dependable, stability, harmony, timelessness, masculinity, warmth.

Brown logos including MnMs, UPS, UGG Australia and Nestle Aero
TEAL: The Tranquil Oasis

Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the invigorating energy of green. Brands that incorporate teal into their identity often seek to create a sense of peace, trust, and connection with their audience. So, take a deep breath and let teal transport you to a tranquil oasis.

Emotions: energy, balance, creativity, healing, peace, trust, connection.

PURPLE: The Regal Crown Jewel

Purple is the colour that steps into the majestic realm where royalty and mystery reign supreme. This enchanting color exudes luxury, spirituality, and wisdom. Picture a starlit night sky or a rich velvet gown—purple commands attention and adds an air of sophistication.

Emotions: elegance, royalty, mystery, wealth, creativity, ambition, spirituality, wisdom, intuition.

Purple logos included Cadbury, Sydney Kings, Curves, FedEx, Wonka, Hallmark
BLACK: The Mysterious Maestro

Brands that incorporate black into their visual identity often strive to create a sense of prestige and high-end appeal. Black can be seen in industries such as fashion, technology, and luxury goods, where it adds a touch of elegance and professionalism.

Emotions: luxury, prestige, mystery, timelessness, class, elegance, power, sophistication, dramatic.

SILVER: The Shimmering Techno-Wizard

Like a moonlit night or a polished mirror, silver embodies modernity, sleekness, and innovation. It’s the colour that gives your brand a futuristic edge, signaling cutting-edge technology and a touch of sophistication. Silver is the perfect choice for brands in the tech, automotive, or fashion industries that want to shine like a silver star.

Emotions: innovative, sophistication, modern, classy, glamorous, modern, stylish.

Silver logos including Jaguar, Mazda, Audi and Mercedes
GOLD: The Glittering Midas Touch

Gold, the color of royalty and luxury, adds a touch of grandeur to your brand. Picture shimmering sunsets or glistening treasures—gold represents wealth, prestige, and prosperity. It’s the go-to color for brands that exude elegance, sophistication, and a touch of extravagance. With gold in your palette, your brand will shine like a radiant crown.

Emotions: luxury, opulence, sophistication, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, tradition

Gold logos including Etihad Airlines, Rolex, Lindt, Lamborghini, Moet & Chandon, Guinness, Toblerone, Warner Brothers


Choosing the right colors for your brand is a vital decision that can greatly impact how your business is perceived. Each color carries its own set of meanings and emotions, allowing you to strategically align your brand with the desired message. By understanding the psychological associations behind colors, you can effectively communicate your brand values, evoke specific emotions, and attract the right audience. Remember, the colors you choose are not just visual elements but powerful tools that shape the perception of your business in the minds of your customers.

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