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Tailored marketing & strategy consulting that will engage, connect & influence

We’re a Brisbane based marketing consultancy that leverages the science of buyer psychology and consumer behaviour to grow your business, improve commercial success and drive action. We’re here to help you make your marketing work smarter, not harder.

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Our unique approach

We design marketing strategies to sway purchasing decisions in your brand's favour

Unlike other marketers out there, we have a unique perspective on marketing. We help brands grow by focusing on what matters most, yet often neglected… understanding how YOUR clients think, act, and behave.

At Fletch & Co, we know that one-size-fits-all marketing doesn’t work. Your unique service offering sets you apart, which is why we provide tailored solutions customised to your needs. By combining our 18 years experience with consumer behaviour insight and psychology-backed principles, our strategies don’t just connect with your target audience, they persuade, influence and drive buying decisions. We thrive on marketing smarter and going the extra mile to build sustainable growth and client happiness.

workshops + training

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Small Business Workshops + Training

We’ll facilitate your next marketing workshop or training session to help your team become more persuasive, market with maximum impact, drive business growth, and optimise your client’s experience to build brand loyalty.


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B2B Marketing Consulting

Want a strategic approach to make your marketing more influential but not ready to bring in a full time CMO? As your trusted marketing partner, we’ll step in as a Fraction CMO bringing outside perspective and unbiased feedback, without the full-time commitment… or salary.


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5-day "Smart Marketing" Accelerator

Our Accelerator eliminates guesswork, helping you to market with purpose and intent. Gain personalised support and actionable insights to connect deeply with your audience, open more wallets, and drive results. Say hello to smarter marketing and sustainable growth.

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Head of Marketing and Owner of Fletch & Co.
Brisbane Marketing

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I'm Jodi

Not your average marketing consultant

I’m Jodi Lee Duncan, your Head Marketing and Behavioural Insights specialist. I’m a dog loving, tea drinking extraordinaire of all things Marketing and thrive on building and growing brand’s that stand the test of time. With a strong mind for storytelling, a heart built for creativity and emotion, and a curiosity for all things psychology, I have an uncanny ability to create marketing strategies that connects on an emotional level, driving both engagement and loyalty.

I founded Fletch & Co. because I was frustrated with the increasing level of businesses getting burned by inexperienced marketers promising the world, and the new-age Facebook Gurus floating crappy marketing advice for a quick buck. I wanted better for businesses looking for genuine marketing support and real results. So, I created it.

I’ve learned a thing or two in my 18+ years in marketing, but the number one lesson that stands out… smart businesses with smart marketing will win time and time again.

Why our clients love to partner with us

“There is no viral hack or magic bullet. Simply put… the brand that understands their audience most *wins.” – Jodi

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