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We’re a marketing consultancy that leverages the science of buyer psychology and consumer behaviour to grow your business, improve commercial success and drive action. We’re here to help you make your marketing work smarter, not harder.

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Our unique approach

Unlike other marketers out there, we have a unique perspective on marketing. Through the lens of understanding consumer behaviours and implementing principles derived from marketing psychology to influence buying decisions, we can tip choice in your favour across all your brand touchpoints.

At Fletch & Co. we know there is no one-size fits all when it comes to your marketing. This is why we facilitate and provide tailored solutions that are grounded by evidence we’ve sourced through our 18+ years’ experience, backed by psychology driven research, and optimised via the variety of clients we work with. We thrive on building our client’s brands through confidence, making the complex simple and going that extra mile in pursuit of sustainable growth and client happiness.

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Workshops + Training

We facilitate marketing workshops to help open you to the world of opportunities in your business, find untapped possibilities, and partner with you to make it happen.


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As your trusted marketing partner, we’ll work with you to make your marketing work smarter, not harder. Through the power of strategic marketing matched with creative thinking, curiosity and a splash of behavioural science, we drive results for sustainable growth.


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We want to empower business owners, and next generation marketers to build, grow and excel in their industry with the right guidance and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge.

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Head of Marketing and Owner of Fletch & Co.

Oh hey there! I'm Jodi

I’m Jodi Lee Duncan, your Head Marketing and Behavioural Insights specialist. I’m a dog loving, tea drinking extraordinaire of all things Marketing and thrive on building and growing brand’s that stand the test of time. With a strong mind for storytelling, a heart built for creativity and emotion, and a curiosity for all things psychology, I have an uncanny ability to create marketing strategies that connects on an emotional level, driving both engagement and loyalty.

I founded Fletch & Co. because I was frustrated with the increasing level of businesses getting burned by inexperienced marketers promising the world, and the new-age Facebook Gurus floating crapping marketing advice for a quick buck. I wanted better for businesses looking for genuine marketing support and real results. So, I created it.

I’ve learned a thing or two in my 18+ years in marketing, but the number one lesson that stands out… smart businesses with smart marketing will win time and time again.  

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