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Nine (9) principles of Behavioural Science you can leverage today for marketing success. Armed with this knowledge, you can design strategies that tap into the underlying motivations and preferences of your target audience, enabling you to create more effective campaigns, optimise user experiences, and ultimately influence and drive buying behaviour.


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Brand Colour Cheat Sheets

Are you building a brand, or considering rebranding a current one?

We’ve developed 11 Brand Colour Cheat Sheets to help get you up and running, without the overwhelm and hard work of trying to work out what colours work together; and what those colours mean for your brand. Each colour palette is ready to go and can be implemented as soon as you receive them.

We provide all 11 cheat sheets in one FREE download #winning.

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marketing tips + tricks

Taylor Swift standing on stage in a blue sequence dress singing into a microphone

How to use the “Taylor Swift Effect” in Marketing

Imagine being able to captivate an audience so intensely that they’re willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars just to be a part of your world, even in an economic crisis. This isn’t just a fantasy; it’s the reality of Taylor Swift’s marketing genius. Love her or hate her, her transformation from a country music starlet to the pop culture icon is not only remarkable, but a fascinating masterclass into understanding and influencing consumer behaviour.

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How to Use Neuromarketing in Business with Eye Tracking - Fletch and Co

How to Use Neuromarketing in your Business

By integrating neuromarketing strategies into your marketing efforts, you’re not just aiming to influence decision-making on a superficial level. Instead, you’re seeking to resonate with your audience on an emotional and psychological level, creating experiences that are not only memorable but also deeply satisfying.

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