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Last week I turned 40…

Last week I celebrating turning 40!

As I commenced my next trip around the sun, I found myself thinking about the parallels between the personal milestones I have achieved and the principles that have driven my success in business.

There’s a certain magic that comes with 40. It’s said to be the age of clarity, where the rich array of experiences we’ve accumulated comes into a sharper, more vivid focus. In business, and particularly in marketing, we strive for that clarity with every campaign we craft and every message we send.


Here are a few of the intersections I found between turning 40 and business: 


Just as life’s lessons have shaped me over the years, the market’s ever-changing nature has taught me the value of adaptability. It’s not the strongest that survive but the most adaptable. As I step into this new decade, it’s a reminder to remain fluid and responsive to the ever-evolving marketing arena.

Building genuine connections

Personal or professional, relationships are the cornerstone to a rich and fulfilling life. Authenticity in our interactions is invaluable, and as we’ve all learned through life’s array of relationships, not every connection is meant to be a lifelong one. This rings true in our work as we engage with clients and customers. We aim to identify and cultivate the connections that are aligned with our core values, those that offer reciprocal enrichment and the potential for profound collaboration. Let’s take this understanding with us, valuing authentic and meaningful connections that drive mutual success.

Celebrating success and learning from failure

This milestone reminds me to both celebrate our victories and learn from the detours. Each marketing campaign offers a chance to reflect on what works and what can be reimagined. As I look back on 40 years of life’s achievements and setbacks, I see a tapestry of invaluable insights – each one a stepping stone to greater understanding and wisdom.

Fletch and Co Jodi Duncan turns 40


If life has taught me anything, it’s that the moment we stop learning is the moment we stop growing. When I started my marketing career over 18 years ago, marketing was a VERY different space. Social media didn’t exist, content marketing wasn’t a thing, and website were really just emerging. In fact, my uni cohort was the first to ever go through the university’s new subject “website marketing”. The marketing landscape is constantly shifting, introducing new technologies, strategies, and consumer behaviours, so it’s either keep learning or get left behind. 

Marketing is, at its heart, the art of linking human desires with brand offerings – and with four decades of life’s lessons under our belts, we’re well-equipped to grasp and address these human needs with nuance and depth.

Thank you all for being part of this crazy thing we call life so far. Here’s to celebrating this personal milestone and to the countless opportunities that lie ahead for us to craft meaningful, impactful marketing that not only reaches but touches the consumer, much like a well-lived life touches others.

Here’s to another forty!

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