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How to Use Neuromarketing in Business with Eye Tracking - Fletch and Co

How to Use Neuromarketing in your Business

By integrating neuromarketing strategies into your marketing efforts, you’re not just aiming to influence decision-making on a superficial level. Instead, you’re seeking to resonate with your audience on an emotional and psychological level, creating experiences that are not only memorable but also deeply satisfying.

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Jodi Duncan from Fletch and Co on turning 40

Last week I turned 40…

There’s a certain magic that comes with 40. It’s said to be the age of clarity, where the rich array of experiences we’ve accumulated comes into a sharper, more vivid focus. In business, and particularly in marketing, we strive for that clarity with every campaign we craft and every message we send.

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Question mark in a circle for uncertain economic downturn and recession-proof marketing strategies

Recession-Proof Marketing Strategies for Business

Economic downturns and recessions are unavoidable realities. They are the time when maintaining a strong marketing presenceup, becomes crucial. This is the time to increase your brand’s visibility, push your value proposition, remain front-of-mind, and stay ahead of your competition

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