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When Marketing and Dating Collide

You see this hottie at a cocktail party. You think they’re pretty alright and would love to know more about them.

You might stalk them a little around the party, strategically put yourself in places that you know you might see them again and awkwardly smile and say hello as they pass by.

The night is coming to an end and you hear they might be interested too. You really want to get to know them, but not sure if they’re looking for the same thing you are, so hesitate.

Argggh!! Do you do something about it? Or do you leave it and just hope that you’ll see them again at another party? What if you never see them again? You can’t let them get away. You might be perfect for each other… in 4-6 months’ time.

As they walk past you on their way out, you give them you’re most charming smile and say hi (even though everything inside you wants to jump and tell them you’re perfect for them). They nod, you keep your cool… and then just when you thing you’ve lost them, they turn around and hand over their digits. You lean in and give them a peck on the cheek in return and go your separate ways.
Phew! You’re in.

You message them the next day… crickets. Hmm!! You give it another more crack 3 days later (you don’t want to come on too strong). A response – hallelujah. You spend the next few weeks going back and forth before finally taking the leap and asking them out for dinner *faint*.

Dinner turns into another dinner, that turns into the movies, that leads to a romantic sunset picnic with a proposal… that might even turn into babies (you get where I’m going).

It’s a hook, line and sinker situation.

But I can see you asking…Jodi, what the hell has this got to do with marketing?

Well, marketing is much like dating. When you start dating, you don’t find someone in the streets, drag them down to the coffee shop and talk about nothing but yourself for the first hour and how you’re going to fix all their problems in the second hour and then expect a marriage proposal at the end of it, would you? And I would hope you don’t do the same when it comes to marketing your business.

The thing is… most of your customers probably aren’t ready to buy when they first come into contact with your brand.
So you need to court them, nurture them, and show them why you’re the right fit for them. Initially, they might just look from a distance before deciding to engage… comment on a post here and there, come up to you at a networking event etc.

If they like what they are seeing and want what you’re offering, but still not ready to actually buy, they’ll likely connect with one of your lead magnets, or give you their business card at an event… opening up the invitation for you to tell them more about what you do. They’re getting warmer, but still not ready to hand over their hard earned cash.

Now that they’ve opened the communication channel with you, it’s here that you can personalise your approach, show them why you’re the right fit and make them fall in love with you. If you’re doing it right, when the time comes for them make the purchase… you’re going to be the one front of mind. You’ve put in the hard yards, you’ve given them all the information they need to know you’re right for them and they trust you. But it’s important to remember that marketing doesn’t stop once the sale has closed. Marketing is a journey. It’s an ongoing process that starts with some harmless flirting and well… doesn’t ever really end. Nurture the relationship… tell them they’re pretty, and keep them hooked.

Keeping the love alive is the key, so your clients keep coming back, time and time again.

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