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5-day "Smart Marketing" Accelerator

A step-by-step game plan to get your marketing engaging, influencing, and building sustainable growth

Are you tired of guessing how to grow your business? Imagine truly understanding your clients and getting inside their heads, making your brand unforgettable and your growth unstoppable. Learn the secrets to smarter marketing by tapping into consumer behaviour and buyer psychology, and watch your business thrive.

Don’t fall for what the marketing gurus are saying.

There is no quick fix or magic bullet... They're lying to you.

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Introducing... the 5-day "Smart Marketing" Accelerator

The two biggest mistakes most businesses make with their marketing is that they jump straight into the “doing” without first understanding who they’re marketing too, and implement marketing for the sake of marketing… with no real idea what they’re doing (or why they’re doing it).

Our 1:1 5-Day Marketing Accelerator is designed to change that. 

We help you focus on what matters, enabling you to say goodbye to guesswork and hello to marketing with purpose and intent. 

With hands-on guidance backed by psychology and consumer behaviours insights, you’ll not only get personalised advice and support for YOUR business, but the insights and tools to get you closer to your audience and moving them in the direction you want.


The best marketers study psychology. 
The biggest brands use these insights to dominate their markets.
Good news… YOU can too.

Everything you will get

  • A 90-min discovery call on day one: We’ll hit the ground running by gaining clarity on your audience and identifying key opportunities for growth.
  • Followed by daily 60-min calls: Receive customised strategies and expert insights to increase your confidence, drive success, and boost your marketing impact.  
  • Actionable insights and strategies: Walk away with a clear, actionable plan designed to open more wallets and drive sustainable growth so you can spend more time focusing on what you love.
  • Enhanced understanding of your audience: Master techniques to influence buying behaviour, drive positive actions, and increase engagement and sales. 
  • Resources and tools: Access premium resources and tools to broaden your skills and enhance your marketing efforts.


"Working with Jodi was a great experience, she really is an expert in her industry. She gave me direction for my marketing came up with ideas I never would have dreamt up myself, and was really nurturing and interested in helping my business succeed. I have already recommended her to my business buddies. Grateful for her service!"
Grace Costa
Costa Photography
"Jodi from Fletch & Co. is the ultimate marketing professional. From the first touch point she was professional, supportive, warm and my ultimate business cheerleader. She provides practical, easy to follow plans and support material and is quick to respond with feedback and general advice. Not only did I get a great, user friendly marketing plan that I can use over and over – I gained the knowledge to confidently go forward myself knowing that she is in my corner if I ever need to touch base."
Karlie Milne - Karlie K Promotions
Karlie Milne
Karlie K Promotions
Jodi Duncan sitting at a laptop smiling for her 5-day marketing accelerator
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If you are...


So... are you ready to grow your business?




$ 565 TODAY PLUS 2x further instalments of $565

Still wondering whether to make a move?

I get it! Deciding to invest time and resources into something new can be daunting. You’re probably overthinking all the details, questioning if it will really make a difference, and wondering if it’s worth the investment. So, let me break it down for you. 



Your marketing isn't connecting

Your messages aren’t hitting home, and your audience isn’t engaging

Low conversion rates

You’re attracting visitors and getting leads but can’t seem to convert them into clients

Overwhelmed and exhausted

You’re doing so many things but not sure where to concentrate your efforts


Engage your audience

Turn your audience from bystanders to raving fans

Boost your visibility

Which leads to consistent leads and increased opportunities

Influence actions

Which means more money in your bank and time for what you love






We totally get it—time is a luxury for busy business owners. That’s why we’ve designed our 5-day accelerator to be super efficient. Each session is just 60-90 minutes, packed with actionable insights. Plus, investing a small amount of time now will save you countless hours in the future by streamlining and enhancing your marketing efforts.

If you’re still worried about fitting it all in, we can spread the sessions out to better suit your schedule. Just drop us a line so we can discuss timeframes. Let’s make it work for you!

You can book your accelerator up to 90 days in advance. 

If you want to book beyond 90 days, contact us and we can happily accommodate an advanced booking.

The 5-day accelerator includes a 90-minute call on day 1, where we’ll gain clarity and find where opportunities lie, followed by four 60-minute sessions on day 2-5 where we’ll cover persuasive messaging, consumer behaviour insights, lead generation and marketing channels, and strategic planning, ensuring you receive comprehensive, hands-on marketing guidance tailored to your business.

All accelerators start on a Monday so we can fit all 5-days in the one week.

Our accelerator is particularly effective for service-based businesses, as our experience and expertise stems from this area. However, the marketing principles, strategies, and insights we cover are highly versatile and can also be applied to product-based businesses. So, while our primary focus is on helping service providers thrive, if you are a product-based business, you will likely find immense value in the tailored advice and tools offered.

While it’s true that a lot (not all) of this information is available online, our accelerator offers something you can’t find in scattered articles and videos… a structured, personalised, and hands-on approach tailored specifically to your business. You’ll get expert guidance backed by over 18 years of experience, saving you time and effort sifting through conflicting advice.

Plus, our 1:1 sessions ensure you receive customised strategies, actionable insights, and direct support to implement what you learn effectively. Investing in this accelerator means investing in a proven system designed to drive real, measurable results for your business.

Yes you can!

When you book in your accelerator, you’ll be asked to book in all 5 days so you can secure them in your calendar in advance. But, we understand that things come up out of the blue sometimes.

If you can’t attend one of the scheduled days, don’t worry—you’re not going to miss out. We’ll work with you to reschedule that session, within the following 7-days, ensuring you receive all the valuable insights and support from the accelerator.

Your success is our priority, so we’re committed to being flexible and accommodating your needs.

Absolutely! If you need to reschedule your start date, please let us know at least 14 days in advance. This allows us to offer you a new start date within the next available spots at no extra cost. If you request a change within 14 days of your start date, a rescheduling fee may apply due to the limited number of accelerator spots we can offer at one time. We aim to be as flexible as possible to ensure you can fully benefit from the program without added stress.

Definitely! Even if you’re already well-versed in marketing, our accelerator will take your knowledge to the next level. We regularly work with in-house marketers to provide advanced strategies and offer fresh insights, particularly around psychology and consumer behaviour, that can really enhance your current efforts. Plus, with personalised 1:1 guidance, you’ll get tailored advice specifically for your business, helping you discover new growth opportunities and refine your skills. Additionally, having an outside perspective and receiving unbiased feedback can provide you with new ideas and approaches you might not have considered, giving you that extra edge to drive even better results.

You betcha! While marketing tactics and platforms may change quickly these days, the fundamentals of psychology and how the human brain is wired remains constant. Our accelerator focuses on these timeless principles of consumer behaviour, persuasive messaging, and decision-making. By mastering these core concepts, you’ll be equipped to adapt and thrive, regardless of trends or changes. The strategies we teach are designed to be evergreen, ensuring you stay relevant and effective in your marketing efforts for the long haul.

When you secure your spot in the accelerator, you’ll pay an initial deposit of $565. This is followed by two monthly instalments of $565. To ensure you get the most out of your experience, all payments must be completed before your accelerator begins. This structured payment plan is designed to make it easier for you to invest in your business growth without overwhelming your finances.

If you wish to pay your additional instalments in a quicker timeframe than monthly (so you can get started sooner), book in the date you wish to get started and then contact us so we can set up a payment schedule to fit your accelerator start date.

No problem at all! We’re here to help. If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us directly via email – or pop through a message on LinkedIn or Instagram, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Your success is our priority, so we’re happy to assist with anything you need to feel confident and excited about joining our accelerator.

Back Yourself - Stop Guessing and Market Harder Smarter

Sign up for the 5-day marketing accelerator and change the way you approach your marketing. Get closer to your audience then ever before, outshine your competitors, and become a ninja in influencing thoughts and behaviours. The time has come to attract more clients and create the business (and life) you’ve been dreaming of.

It all starts HERE with a click of a little pink button. 





$ 565 TODAY PLUS 2x further instalments of $565