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consumer buying behaviour - why do consumers buy?

8 Types of Buying Behaviours

Why do people buy? When it comes to consumer behaviour, it’s not just about what people are buying, but also why and how they decide to make a purchase. Understanding consumer buying behaviour is not just about capturing market share, but also about building meaningful, long-term relationships with your clients.

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How to use psychology to sell more - the human brain

How to Use Psychology to Sell MORE

Using psychology in marketing is crucial to tap into the fundamental drivers of human behaviour, by using both the conscious and subconscious mind to dig into the core motivators that shape people’s thoughts and actions.

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Question mark in a circle for uncertain economic downturn and recession-proof marketing strategies

Recession-Proof Marketing Strategies for Business

Economic downturns and recessions are unavoidable realities. They are the time when maintaining a strong marketing presenceup, becomes crucial. This is the time to increase your brand’s visibility, push your value proposition, remain front-of-mind, and stay ahead of your competition

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The RoadMap to Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in the realm of business. Compelling narratives have the ability to captivate audiences, inspire loyalty, and forge meaningful connections. However, crafting a compelling business story requires understanding and connecting with your hero—the client. We are here to guide you on an enlightening journey towards mastering the art of storytelling to enhance your marketing.

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A young male and woman sitting at a small table on a date looking into each others eyes

When Marketing and Dating Collide

Much like dating, the job of marketing is to get people to fall in love with you… seduce them, if you will. So it’s no surprise when you approach marketing the same way you would if you were starting to date someone.

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